Road Test Tips

Tips For Road Test

Please watch above videos to get the road test tips in much more detail than what has been listed below. Contact for details.

Here are some tips from driver examiners on how to prepare to pass the road test:

  1. Keep within posted speed limits.

  2. Keep safe distance from other vehicles.

  3. Know your traffic lights and react accordingly.

  4. Make complete stops at stop signs, and when it is safe, pull out slowly, scanning the intersection.

  5. Never cut solid lines.

  6. Do shoulder checks wherever required.

  7. Both hands should always remain on the steering wheel while driving.

  8. Lane Change: Mirror, signal and shoulder check whenever you change lanes or direction.

  9. Merging onto a highway: Use the acceleration lane to get up to the speed of the highway traffic.

  10. Practice all the maneuvers you may be asked to do as part of your road test, including parallel parking, parking on a hill, and 2- and 3-point turns.

  11. Practice identifying hazards.

  12. Practice your hand signals.

  13. Follow the arrow signs in your lane.

  14. Know your right of way, and practice, practice, & more practice. I have noticed most students who have not had enough practice struggle mostly at unprotected left turns & roundabouts.

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Parking (City of Surrey):

  1. Fire hydrants - 5 meter gap on both sides

  2. Driveway - 1.5 meters on both side

  3. Crosswalk (that is not an intersection) - 15 meters on approaching and 6 meters beyond

  4. Walkways - 3 meter both sides

  5. Intersections: 6 meter from end of curb return

Vehicle Checklist For Road Test

10 most common reasons a vehicle might not be accepted for a road test:

  1. Dash warning lights (for example, air bag) that affect the safe operation of the vehicle

  2. Brake lights, signal lights or headlights not working or with badly cracked or missing lenses

  3. Unsafe tires

  4. Doors or windows not operating (for example, doors don’t open from inside)

  5. Cracked or illegally tinted windshield or windows

  6. Horn not working

  7. Gas tank or electric charge too low

  8. Vehicle not properly licensed or insured

  9. Seatbelts not working or frayed

  10. Unsafe or illegal vehicle modifications

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Defensive Driving

"At Happy Tails Driving School, our motive is not just to help you pass your road test, but to make sure that you keep yourself & your loved ones safe while on road. Here are few habits you should develop for safe driving (Source - Smith System of Defensive Driving)"

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Look Far Ahead: Make it a habit to always look far ahead on the road while driving i.e. 12-15 seconds in city (around one block), and 20-30 seconds on freeway (around 1 K.M). It will keep you aware of any potential hazards and you will have enough time to avoid the crash. It also helps in keeping your car in middle of your lane.

Keep Your Eyes Moving: Beware of the fixed stare - if you are looking at something for longer than 2 seconds, you are staring. Therefore, keep scanning for dangers by keeping your peripheral vision open. Also, as a general rule you should check your rear view mirror every 5-8 seconds.

Keep yourself an out: Always leave some space around your vehicle so that you can quickly get out in case there is a danger. You can do this by maintaining your speed and lane position in advance.

Get the big picture: Always keep observing traffic around you so that you can quickly make a decision to avoid any possible danger.

Make sure you are seen: Never assume that other drivers have seen you. If necessary, make use of signlas or horn to alert others of your next move.

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