Plans & Prices

Special Offers, Deals & Discounts


Book a photography session with Jind Nirwan Photography and get discounted price on lessons as below

Upto 1 hour Portrait session ($350) and get 10% Off on driving lessons.

Upto 2 hour event ($500) and get 15% Off on driving lessons.

Upto 4 hour event ($650) and get 20% Off on driving lessons. 

 Upto 6 hour event ($850) and get 25% Off on driving lessons. 

Upto 8 hour event ($1100) and get 30% Off on driving lessons. 

Pink Olive

 Shop at @Pink Olive Studios and get discount on driving lessons

Spend $200+ and get 5% Off

Spend $500+ and get 10% Off 

*(Must show proof to avail the discounts)

Single Lessons

Quick 30


Pay only $30 for a quick 30 minutes fine tuning in any area of concern.

* Student must come to instructor location* No discounts applicable

Standard 60  


Basic plan

1 Hour In-Car 

Ninety Minutes  


Many learn as much in one 1.5 hours lesson as they do in two 1-hour lessons.

1.5 Hours In-Car 

* No discounts applicable

Two Hours  


For students who want to finish it quickly.

2 Hours In-Car

* No discounts applicable

*(Minimum 90 minutes lesson if more than 15 minutes away from Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. Please call for details)

Pre-Paid Packages




10 Hours In-Car 

Additional Hour $47

*For students who have car & co-pilot available at home to practice.

* One lesson per week, and the student will practice at home for remaining of the week.




25 Hours In-Car 

Additional Hour $46

* For beginners who have nobody at home to practice with.

*(Minimum 90 minutes lesson if more than 15 minutes away from driving instructor. Please call for exceptions)

Car for Road Test

Car rental


Car rental + 15 minutes warm-up


Car rental + 30 minutes warm-up


Car rental + 1 hour warm-up


Car rental + 90 mins warm-up


Car rental + 2 hours warm-up


*(Rates applicable only if road test is at ICBC  Surrey and might not include home pick-up & drop-off, depending on pickup address, and no discounts applicable for road test package)

Surrey, Langley & Delta