Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, accessible and affordable driving lessons to the entire community. Our mission is to make our roads a safer place to drive irrespective of whether somebody book lessons with us or not, and therefore, we offer online lessons totally free of cost. Click here to watch Free Video Tutorials. In these videos, we go over various traffic rules & tips for passing the ICBC road test. We also go over various case studies in which we discuss learnings from road tests of previous Happy Tails Students

Our unique approach to learning, and top quality instructors make Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. one of the best driving schools in Metro Vancouver & Lower Mainland. We believe that our commitment to exceptional services and incomparable customer care will keep our community coming to us. Take a look at our affordable driving class packages, read about our best in business driving instructors and get in touch to find out more. 

What do we offer extra?

Experience is the best teacher one can have, and of course, new drivers lack experience. That is where our highly experienced driving instructors can help you. However, any driving school can have exceptional instructors and will do the same. Then why should you choose us over other schools? What do we offer extra?

Here is the deal. Most driving schools will just teach you 'how to drive' or take you to the 'road test route', and that is where the list ends. Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. have a unique approach where our students call us once their in-car instruction course has been completed. We discuss various case studies of real life dangerous scenarios those might not be replicated during the in-car lesson. We also discuss previous road tests, that will help our students to understand do's & don'ts of road tests.

And the best part is, this on-call session is totally free of cost. You passing the road test and being safe on road is our payment!


Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. provides diverse array of services to fulfill all your needs related to getting your Class 7 or Class 5 or Class 4 driving license.

Driving Lessons for Class 7

It is always nerve wrecking when you think about driving for the very first time in the heavy traffic of our city roads. However, our calm & skilled driving instructors will help you feel safe under their able supervision. They will motivate you to believe in your self, and ensure that at the end of the lesson you come out as an entirely different driver, who does not fear getting onto the road. 

Moreover, all cars for driving schools have to go through rigorous inspections before ICBC approves the car to be used for the driving lessons. Dual controls on the instructor side further help stabilizing the student's nerves.

Driving Lessons for Class 5

When we drive over the extended period of time, we tend to gain some bad driving habits. During my career as an driving instructor, I have found that the biggest problem with anybody who has been driving for a couple of years is, that they stop doing shoulder checks, avoid completely stopping at the stop signs, do not care about speed limits, try their best to beat the amber lights, do not stop at the red lights while turning right, and the list goes on. The worst part is that they are not even aware of it, and eventually fail the road test, or put themselves or others around them in danger, unintentionally. 

A qualified driving instructor from a good driving school can help you catch these kind of mistakes, and help you re-gain good driving habits.

Driving Lessons for Class 4

We have highly qualified driving  instructors with vast experience in training new drivers. Our instructors have experience in training students for commercial driving licenses and can help you pass your Class 4 Road Test with their excessive background in trucking & taxi industry.

Car for Road Test

We, at Happy Tails Driving School Ltd., always suggest to take only that car for road test the one you have driven the most, and therefore are fully familiar with. In most cases, it will the the student's own car at their home. 

However, there are many scenarios where you might need to rent a car from the driving school. For instance, driving student might not have their own car.

Another very important reason for renting a car from driving school is safety, especially for new drivers. Sometimes student gets nervous under the pressure of road test and might make a dangerous mistake during the road test that will put theirs, and the ICBC driving examiner's life in danger. In such cases it is best to rent a car from driving school as it will have dual controls and driving examiner can control the car in case of dangerous situation. Also, knowing that the examiner has their own controls makes student less nervous, and therefore less chances of making mistake. This added assurance of safety can help them pass their road test. However, students can nullify this reason by practicing enough in their own car that they should not get nervous while driving.

Road Test Booking

Although we suggest that you book a date for your road test yourself, but in case you really need it, Happy Tails Driving School can help you book one.  Please call for more information.

Best Driving School Near Me

If you want to find the best driving school near you, look no further than Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. We have a team of experienced and dedicated driving instructors who can help you learn to drive anywhere in Surrey, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Langley, or Delta.

Best Driving Instructor Near Me

"Becoming a safe and competent driver takes time and practice, but a dedicated instructor can help you get there faster, and safely. Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. has some of the best and experienced driving instructors. Using their extensive background in teaching, our instructors are there to teach you all that you need to be a responsible, independent & safe driver. We are so excited to be part of your journey."

Best driving instructor in Surrey

Jatinder Singhwho is an experienced ICBC certified driving instructor with more than two decades of driving experience, and Nancy, who manages all the operations of the school, are the Directors of the School. Jatinder is a hiking & photography enthusiast, and an avid dog lover, and hence the name of the school. Happy wagging...!!

Kashmir Singhwho is an ICBC certified driving instructor has over 40 years of driving experience. He can speak English, Hindi & Punjabi languages. He is certified Class 1 driving instructor and can provide classes for class 4/5/7 at Happy Tails Driving School Ltd. We consider ourselves really lucky to have him in our team.

Dineshwho is an ICBC certified driving instructor has over 15 years of driving experience. He can speak English, Hindi & Punjabi languages. Back in his home country he was a teacher, and now he is continuing his passion of teaching as a driving instructor!

Note: We are always hiring. Please reach out to us if you want to work with us as a Driving Instructor.


Being open to errors & mistakes is what keeps one moving forward. Therefore, we highly value our customer's opinions, and try our best to incorporate their views in our service model. Kindly review us here so that we can work on our shortcomings, and keep moving forward, together.

Choosing a Driving School is one of the most important decisions to make. It is important to spend time researching the various driving classes options available in your local area. The first step towards your research should always be to read the Driving School Reviews. Once you have shortlisted the Driving Schools, read about their driving instructors. Make sure that the driving instructors are certified by ICBC and are familiar with the area they will be giving you lesson. Ask them what all topics will they cover during the driving lesson and the guaranteed time of actual driving practice. For safety reasons, also ask about the safety mechanisms in the driving school car they will be using.

Most important, remember, you are not choosing driving instructor to just pass your road test, but for lifelong learning about how to keep yourself, and others around you safe, sound & healthy!

You can read in detail about these points at HAPPY TAILS BLOG, and please feel free to comment in case you have any questions.

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