How to create a website like this in CA$17 per year, or for free?

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These are tough times, and many businesses struggle to keep their doors open. There might be some businesses who don't want to spend heavily on website maintenance, or don't need to. Therefore, today, I wanted to share some tips on how to create a simple website in CA$17 per year (yes, you read it right, it is per year, not monthly), with your own custom domain. Or, free, if you don’t want to buy a custom domain as shown in the example section at the end of this article (although I strongly suggest to buy one).

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The first things first, before getting too excited, please note that it has its own issues related to limited options for Search Engine Optimizations (such as unable to edit meta tags), and will not have many basic features (such as unable to select font color or to display thumbnail of website). I will not suggest to use it if your business is solely dependent on your website, but, if you don’t care for search engine ranking, and use your own creativity, you can workaround these (wont delve into those details to keep it short).


  1. Buy a domain from in CA$17 per year. If you don’t want to buy custom domain, then you can save these $17 as well, and use default url (as given below in the example website).

  2. If you want to add a logo, you may have to spend extra (I created mine in US$50 on

  3. Create your own website for free by going to, select a design theme, select web page elements from provided list like text boxes, buttons, map, photo carousels, youtube videos, calendar, forms, charts, slides etc. Any website cretaed on can be seemlessly integrated with google services.

  4. Publish the website.

  5. Enjoy!


Hope it helps save you some money, thanks

Note: I am not a professional writer, so please forgive my poor writing skills.

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